Meet Atelier

I started a new VC firm!

Hi readers,

Meet Atelier Ventures, my new VC firm investing in the passion economy! Many of you know that I’ve been actively investing in startups for the past several months, but now I’m finally making it official by announcing my new fund. 🎉

In 2019, I wrote a blog post defining the passion economy as a new economic movement in which people are able to monetize individuality and creativity, supported by platforms that democratize the ability to reach consumers at scale and to offer non-commoditized products and services.

Atelier is dedicated to advancing this future. I believe that the passion economy offers a path for more economic empowerment that has been missing from the gig economy. In the passion economy, products and services are inextricable from the individuals who created them. That enables creators to build customer loyalty and do work that feels more creative, meaningful, and human.

Societies and platforms flourish when there is a path for everyone to have upward mobility, achieve financial security, and learn and grow. With Atelier, I’m supporting early-stage companies that are broadening access to new forms of work; lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship; democratizing the means of production and distribution; and empowering community.

If you’re a founder building in this space, please reach out — I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

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